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Jindřich Halabala (1903-1978)


Let´s introduce this European and world giant of furniture design mainly of second third of the 20th century and the mid-century.

Professor Halabala was born in 1903 in Koryčany, a city which is located in Moravia in the Czech Republic. He graduated from art school in Prague and in 1928 started in the famous furniture factory UP Závody as the head of the Prague shop. Later on he became the chief architect of the Brno UP Závody, a venture that was considered one of the most successful in Europe. It affects the development of the set-up of furniture, which was produced in the basic series under the name H and E. At this time is being propossed a genuine world-famous pieces of seating furniture and one of the first and original models of metal furniture, which were produced after 1930 in Hodonin branch of the UP Závody. As the author unconventionally solved metal models seating furniture which is also appreciated in the international context. Among his lesser-known works include designs of carpets, which are completely beyond the still deeply rooted trends.

Jindřich Halabala achieved a main aim and objective of the period : series production of furniture of the highest quality products and reasonable prices, thanks to this products beca avame available to the broadest sections of the population.

Furniture of UP Závody, mainly the production of Jindřich Halabala is pushed through the optimum combination of superior design, functionality and efficiency. He became a leading inspiration folllowed by many other manufacturers throughout Europe. In the tradition of the ÚP Závody were continued by number of smaller producers of furniture in Moravia, their example was followed by dozens of factories in Prague and elsewhere.

Future work of Jindřich Halabala was badly affected by the incoming communist regime, in 1946 factory was nationalized as one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe . In the second half of the sixties of the twentieth century was built a new plant in Rousínov, at that time the largest and most modern in Central and Eastern Europe.
Despite of the overall polical presure the Halabala system had not changed, wavered in their activities, resourcefulness and creativity. Thanks to its original features Halabala is suggested to be nationalized : huge variety of other exceptional pieces as seating and also cabinet, the bedroom and so on.

His legacy continue to stay with us. Halabala was one of the most progressive and timeless architects worldwide and is a great happiness that he left many of his works.

Halabala died in 1978.

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Leaving room designed by  Kelly Behun, a custom made sofa upholstered in Elitis velvet and vintage Jindrich Halabala armchairs surround a 1970s cocktail table by Fernand Dresse; the light fixture is by Downtown, the drawing is by JanYoors, and the custom made rug is by ABC Carpet & Home.

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